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Buyer’s Guide for Buying Voltage Stabilizers

As soon as you plan to buy any home appliance, the first question that arises on your mind is “Do I need to invest in buying a stabilizer as well? The answer is yes! Reason being, voltage instabilities can cause permanently your electrical items that just run on electricity. Voltage fluctuations whether up or down Can Cause Permanent Damage to your home appliances thereby reducing their life expectancy before stipulated time. Wobbly voltage could also lead to small explosions. That’s why it is crucial to buy good quality and right kind of stabilizer from renowned brands

Stabilizers keep your electrical appliances secure and don’t leave room for undesirable instabilities. Voltage fluctuations could be extremely hazardous ruining your costly appliances. Therefore, it is important to buy latest technology stabilizer from reliable brands. Let’s quickly understand little yet important details about stabilizers.


What is a Stabilizer?

A stabilizer is a vital electrical device used to maintain quantity stable or steady.  It is used for offering consistent Voltage output to a load regardless of fluctuation in the incoming supply. Voltage stabilizers are used to protect electrical appliances such as TV, fridge, AC etc. from potential damage owing to fluctuations or Voltage surge (over and under voltage) conditions. Buying a Voltage Stabilizer can give you an upper hand to you as it boosts the durability of your electrical appliances. If your stabilizer strictly adheres to current industrial specifications and is built using latest technology, then it can easily protect your electrical appliances from Voltage irregularities over a long span of time.

What is the main purpose of a Stabilizer? How does it safeguard electrical appliances?

Stabilizers are commonly known as Automatic Voltage Regulators and Safe Voltage Regulators. They are revolutionary devices that are widely used to find voltage fluctuations and in turn deliver consistent output voltage range. If voltage stabilizer finds that the voltage is low, it will automatically stabilize it and boost it to the requisite level thereby feeding the appliance connected to it. Inverse is true if high voltage is found in the utility line. Efficient availability of voltage is ensured by stabilizers through electronic circuitry that works by changing the required taps of auto transformer with the help of electromagnetic relay to produce the voltage required. 

If the supplied voltage doesn’t lie within the range, then the requisite transformer is changed by mechanism, thereby bringing the supply of voltage within secured range. This means stabilizer works as barricade between your home appliance and utility for full time tracking and verification of voltage fluctuations. This will ensure that your electrical appliance has easy access to constant voltage range since it puts its input for swift operation and guarantees a long life span.

What is the way to select the right sized automatic Stabilizer for home usage?

It is important to choose the right kind of stabilizer to ensure longevity for your home appliances. Some of the major factors that you need to look for while buying a stabilizer include nature of appliance, power consumption range of equipment and the amount of voltage fluctuations that happen in your locality. Also, you must not forget to check the equipment rating that needs protection to ensure maximum safety of the equipment. You will find ratings mentioned as Amps, KW, and KVA.  It is suggested that you must have clear understanding of nominal line voltage and frequency. 

Let’s quickly take a sneak peek into important tips that you can keep in mind before selecting a stabilizer: –

It is suggested that you must look for the voltage, power ratings and current of the device. All the important information is mentioned on the specification sticker which is close to the power socket. If it is not available, you can rely on user manual. If we look at the normal Indian standard voltage then it is 230VAC and 50 Hz.

If you want to get maximum power, then you need to multiply ‘’230 with Maximum rated current” of all appliances that you are supposed to connect with the stabilizer.

In order to determine a stabilizer’s rating of all different appliances that are going to attach with the stabilizer, you are supposed to add 20% safety margin.

Do not forget considering the surge current which flows when the device is switched on.

You also need to accept a power factor of 0.8(W=V*A*pf), if the ratings of a voltage stabilizer is in watts.

Another crucial point that you need to consider is the nature of load that is going to be connected to your stabilizer. Don’t forget to jot down the power (or Watts) for machines that are going to get connected to it. You will get to know the load on the stabilizer in watts with the total power consumption sum.

However, in case of automatic stabilizers the sizes are measured in Volt Ampere or Kilo Volt Ampere which is equal to 1000VA. To calculate actual VA from watts, you need to increase watts value by 20%. Doing this will give you VA size that you require. This clearly means if the total watts connected to a stabilizer is 1000, then you can easily calculate KVA for a model which is 1200 VA.

Note: 20% increment method is used only for stabilizers that are used in homes and not suitable for industries having poor power factor. Stabilizers are available in numerous working ranges. By working range, it means voltage range wherein the input utility voltage is operated by stabilizer and provides suitable output voltage. You must also keep in mind that the voltage fluctuation of your locality before buying stabilizer.

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