Capri AC Stabilizer Invent 170-400 W WOM ITD


CAPRI is offering an extensive range of stabilizers for air conditioners that ensure high performance, better reliability, and save electricity. Our versatile range can help you find a perfect match for your AC.

While buying Ac stabilizers (whether window ac stabilizer or split AC stabilizer), you need to keep in mind different factors including technology type, AC tonnage, voltage range, etc. to find a perfect match for your air conditioner.

If you are finding the best voltage stabilizer for inverter AC/ voltage regulator/voltage regulator for air conditioner /automatic ac voltage stabilizer, then CAPRI has got you covered. Here’s what Capri AC Stabilizer Invent 170-400 W WOM ITD has to offer:

  • Low & High Voltage Cut-off Protection
  • Voltage Range – 170-285V
  • Capacity – 12A
  • Used for One Inverter Air Conditioner up to 1.5T
  • Wall Mounting Cabinet Design
  • Latest IC Technology
  • Power Saver
  • 3 Years Warranty


  • Low and High Voltage cut off
  • Intelligent Time Delay System
  • AMP American technology used in transformer manufacturing
  • Energy Efficient transformer saves electricity – power saver
  • Elegant Design in Heavy-Duty Cabinet
  • Vacuum Impregnated Transformer for long Life, highly Durable

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