Capri MainLine Stabilizer CA 140-500 ML

Capri has a variety of Electronic Voltage Stabilizers for mainline loads. Our mainline stabilizer for home is prepared with superior quality and precision which makes it the best stabilizer for home mainline in the segment. It provides protection from high and low voltage fluctuations. The current capacity of our Mainline load’s Stabilizer is 15Amps, Frequency is 50 Hz, Input voltage working range is 90-285V, having an Analogue display with a product warranty of 3 years.


Key Features

  • Thermal protection with High and low voltage cut off
  • Table Mount Stabilizer
  • Metal Cabinet for long life
  • Vacuum Impregnated Transformer
  • Smart Time Delay system of 2-3 Minutes
  • 3 Years Warranty
  • Pan India Service




Confused about which mainline voltage stabilizer for home to buy? CAPRI mainline loads stabilizer safeguards your home appliances from unexpected upsurge and exceedingly low voltages. Smart time delay system guards the compressor against untimely re-starting as well as ensures safety of the connected equipment. Our mainline load voltage stabilizers perform best in wide input range so you can enjoy maximum efficacy of the product.

CAPRI mainline voltage stabilizer is manufactured using state-of-the-art technology with smart digital display system and host of other features. Upscale the interior of your home with sleek and stylish main line stabilizers for home.


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