Stabilizer for Microwave

Product Features

Electronic appliances always run a risk of getting damaged due to varying input voltage fluctuations. In order to safeguard your appliances and ensure optimum protection from electrical disturbances, we have explicitly designed a Capri stabilizer for microwave. Stabilizer for microwave oven will help protect your Microwave from potential voltage fluctuations and ensure efficient performance without interruptions.

Key Features

  • Protection from High and Low Voltage Cut off
  • Vacuum Impregnated Transformer
  • Energy Efficient Transformer
  • SMART Time Delay System
  • AMP Technology
  • Beautifully designed Metal Cabinet
  • Compact and cost-effective
  • 3 Year Warranty

Technical Parameters

Product NameABC AC Stabilizer
TypeVoltage Stabilizer
ApplicationAir Conditioners
Input Voltage170V – 270V
Output Voltage220V +/- 10%
Capacity2 Ton
ProtectionOverload, Short Circuit, Low/High Voltage, Spike Protection
MountingWall Mount
Warranty1 year

Product Certification


Microwave oven is one of the most commonly used home appliances in the world. If you too want to add a Microwave oven to your to-buy list, then it’s vital for you to buy the best quality voltage stabilizer for a microwave oven. CAPRI microwave ovens are designed to perform under a wide voltage range thereby enabling you to connect different kinds of devices.

CAPRI is a leading manufacturer and supplier of a wide gamut of voltage stabilizers including stabilizers for AC, stabilizers for washing machines, TV, mainline loads, and much more. Connect with us to know us better!


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