Tired of voltage fluctuations? Here’s how you can protect your appliances from fluctuations

Voltage fluctuations can be devastating.

Voltage fluctuations can be devastating. They are often known to cause temporary or permanent load failure, thereby reducing life span of your favourite home appliances. Voltage instabilities majorly occur due to sudden load changes or several faults in power lines. It’s important you buy voltage stabilizers for home appliances to keep them going in good condition. Though there are number of Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturers in India, but it’s vital to find reliable yet oldest manufacturer of voltage correctors to ensure complete safety of your home appliances.

Today, Voltage stabilizers find place in each home. They can be seen in every household. Whether it’s your smart LED TV, inverter AC, or fully automatic washing machine, there’s a stabilizer for every appliance. You will find Stabilizer for air conditioner, stabilizer for refrigerator, stabilizer for washing machine, stabilizer for microwave, and stabilizer for mainline loads in the market. Voltage stabilizers work by maintaining standard supply of load which in turn protects all electrical appliances from under or over fluctuations. With advancing technology, voltage stabilizers are getting powerful by offering better response to fluctuations and optimal output.

Significance of Voltage Stabilizers

Electrical appliances are designed in a way to offer maximum efficiency at a standard voltage supply, popularly known as nominal operating voltage. Our houses receive fluctuating Incoming load because of which the input supply to the electrical appliances also changes. This ultimately reduces the overall efficiency and life span of electrical appliance occurring due to increased failure rate.

In such situations, voltage corrector or stabilizer make sure that the electrical appliance acquires the preferred power for its optimum performance. Voltage stabilizer is nothing but an asset used to protect all electronic goods.

What happens if electrical appliances are installed without voltage stabilizers at home?

Over-voltage Effects-

  • Permanent failure of the appliance
  • Redundant load disturbances
  • Over-heating issues occurring frequently
  • Decreased life span of device
  • Harm to winding insulation

Under-voltage Effects-

  • Device malfunctioning
  • Declining equipment efficiency
  • Delayed work duration owing to dysfunction and poor efficiency
  • Reduced work performance of the device
  • Instructing equipment to draw Maximum-current, thereby, overheating the device leading to its failure

Choosing the Right Voltage Stabilizer is vital

Stabilizer is nothing but a safety net between your electrical appliance and power supply. It is installed to ensure that your home appliances operate optimally and doesn’t hoax with life span of appliances. Therefore, it becomes vital to select the right stabilizer for your home. Don’t forget to keep in mind the power supply of your locality and how the amount of daily fluctuations, before buying a voltage stabilizer.

Look for the power supply and device ratings that you desire to buy. The details of device rating and other important information can be found on the stickers of the user manual placed inside the packing. The Indian standard power supply is 230VAC, 50Hz.

Check the power of all devices that will be connected to stabilizer. It is usually mentioned in watts. Summation of all the power will determine the range of stabilizer you need.

For instance, if summation of all the power is 1200 watts, then you must buy a voltage corrector that has a range above 1000 watts.  Buying a stabilizer with range of more than 1200 watts will help during voltage instabilities at the times of overloading.

Essential Features to look for in stabilizers

  • Wall mounted stabilizers are essential buy, if you have kids in the house. They must be kept distant from children’s reach as well as wet places.
  • Ensure that your stabilizers have Indicators. It is another important feature to look for in a stabilizer. Indicator immediately indicates about any over or under voltage occurring in the power supply.
  • Overload current protection system: this feature will let the stabilizer turn-off at a time of short-circuit.

Different Types of Voltage Stabilizers for Home:

  • Refrigerator stabilizer
  • Air conditioner stabilizer
  • TV stabilizer
  • Mainline stabilizer
  • Stabilizer for washing machine

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that buying best voltage stabilizers for home appliances can save your money which otherwise would occur on overhead repair costs of underlying equipments or cost incurred on buying a new one. Buying automatic voltage stabilizer from CAPRI can save your appliances from decreasing their life span and optimizing the overall work efficiency. Installing a stabilizer can save you from unvarying fears of power fluctuations occurring anytime.

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