Quality Policy

CAPRI is committed to provide its customers with superior quality stabilizers by ensuring their supreme functionality, safety, reliability, value and durability. Our corporate values are derived from our firm commitment, which is vital to our growth and success.

We obstinately strive to be on top in every sphere of our business, by promoting team work, culture of trust, transparent policies, and open communications with stake holders including employees, suppliers and customers.

We at Capri, we focus on meeting best quality standards in manufacturing, designing and product distribution. We do this by using efficient means possible. Our rigid quality management system is comprised of compliance checks across diverse stages of product manufacturing, right from the first stage of raw material procurement to product launch.


We believe that our customers deserve perfection and that’s what we serve in terms of products and services. Our sole motive is to clinch our leadership in voltage correctors’ field and provide most innovative and cost effective stabilizers exceeding customers’ expectations. We at CAPRI constitute a common goal to exceed customer expectations via ensuring continual improvement.  Our focus remains on manufacturing products that bring value to customers and strengthen their decision to do repetitive business with us. 

At Capri, we adhere to strict quality management measures where supplier, customer and employee constitute a vital component. For us, customer satisfaction is the key to our long term success. In order to achieve this, we have established a setting that is favorable to performance excellence.

We boast ourselves on delivering products on time and budget without compromising on product quality. At Capri, we are committed to:

  • Promote quality and reliability.
  • Continuously improving our technology by keeping ourselves abreast with latest innovations while simultaneously upgrading product hardware design.
  • Manufacturing top quality stabilizers according to international quality standards.
  • Meetingexpectations of CAPRI customers every time by providing market’s highest quality stabilizers via ensuring best pre and after sales services
  • Building big and very strong global network of DELTA distributors by putting forward the moral professional values before everything, based on mutual trust.
  • Manufacture high quality and cost effective array of stabilizers

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