Stabilizer Warranty Terms

CAPRI is providing three year warranty from the date of purchase on all CAPRI stabilizers that are installed by us or by our authorized distributors.

Faults occurring due to voltage surge, malevolent damage, wrong/self-installation (owing to lack of knowledge) and negligence reported from customer are not entitled to receive warranty. Also, repair and replacement cost will have to be borne by customer separately.

CAPRI Warranty will be applied only if the products are used according to the special conditions mentioned herein:

  1. If, CAPRI stabilizer was installed and operated within warranty period and in accordance with CAPRI standards and procedures, then CAPRI will rectify defects relating to product or workmanship at its cost (subject to terms of this document).
  2. This warranty will not apply, if the product is re calibrated, tampered,modified, or opened in any way by the customer.
  3. If the product is damaged by the customer during its transportation, then product warranty will not be applicable.
  4. If the Product failure occurs due to fire, humidity, direct lighting strike, earthquake, flood, terrorism, pollution, disclosure to toxic gas and irregular utility voltage are not enclosed under this warranty.
  5. If not otherwise specified in this warranty document, the stabilizer should be returned to CAPRI Service Center at the cost of customer in the event of a claim under product warranty.
  6. If CAPRI Sales and Services PVT. Ltd. at its sole discretion finds that all the conditions of this document have been already met and its respective product has failed to meet functionality and features described in item, then the Company at its cost will return customer to subsiding condition(s) proceeding to warranty claim.
  7. In case product failure occurs due to the reasons that CAPRI Sales and Services Pvt. Ltd, after scrutiny finds out to be outside of the terms and conditions stated in this warranty document or is concluded to be not at fault, then customer will be charged minimum inspection fee. In case of extrication of product for the purpose of replacement and repairs, customer will be ultimately accountable for transportation to and from Capri Sales and Service Center.

Proper Usage of CAPRI STABILIZER to Ensure Durability

  1. Load: Under Normal Voltage must remain 200V-240V: Load on the CAPRI Stabilizer should not surpass 70% of the rated stabilizer capacity and this is suggested when the utility supply is beyond 200V AC.
  2. Load: For Servo Model, under Low Voltage 140-180V: It is recommended that the Load on the CAPRI stabilizer should not go beyond 50% of the Stabilizer’s rated capacity and this should apply when the utility supply is below 180V AC.
  3. Load: For relay Model, Under Low Voltage 100-150V: It is recommended that the Load on the CAPRI Stabilizer must not go above 50% of the rated capacity of the CAPRI Stabilizer and this should apply when the utility supply is below 150V AC.
  4. It is suggested that to keep your Stabilizer in a well-ventilated environment.

All products that are defective should be returned to CAPRI Service and repair centers spanning across India.

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