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Electronic Voltage Stabilizers help to even out the voltage fluctuations. Putting simply, stabilizers are used to bring the voltage fluctuations in desired range. It works by using a combined method of electro-mechanical relays and auto transformer.
No it does not gives steady voltage output, but yes it facilitates safe voltage range to the attached electrical device.

An easy way to choose the right stabilizer

  • The current and voltage rating of the equipment has to be checked. It is generally written in the manual given or one can check the sticker nearby power socket.
  • Generally the voltage in India is 220V.
  • Also we can multiply 220V with current of all equipments and then add individual device's VAs. 20-25% safety margin can be added to reach stabilizer rating. In case if you are planning for adding few more appliances later then, you can keep shield for those devices .
  • One should also take care of the gushing current that flows if the device is switched on.
Regardless of the high or low input voltage, stabilizer works by offering stable and safe voltage to the connected appliance within specified limit. This is done with the help of auto transformer that has number of tapings, which are selected for primary or secondary for step up and step down operations as per the input voltage level. With the use of appropriate arrangement of relays, the selection of tapping is done.  
It is the system that enables the compressor of the machine to get sufficient balancing time during power cuts. Time delay system works by protecting the compressor from recurrent re-starting as well as it help ensures the connected equipment is safe in matter of voltage fluctuation by offering a delay
Time Delay lasts 2 to 4 minutes usually
ITDS stands for Intelligent Time Delay system. Putting simply, this feature offers time delay at the time of requirement. It clearly means there is nothing called initial time delay.
It is extremely important to ensure that the quality of power feeding electrical systems is of adequate quality to make sure that the performance of connect appliance is not impaired or its life expectancy remains good. It is quite true that with the lack of power, an electrical appliance or power load may doesn’t work properly, prematurely becomes non operational or does not work at all.
Most of the power supplies operate on 50 or 60 Hz. Mainline power supply frequency is hard to change more than +3% and it easily comes within the limit of most stabilizers. It is important to note that in case of local generate, it is quite likely that the frequency could vary beyond this range and desirable protection is to be considered to safeguard both the power protection system and the load.
Input output circuit Breaker is one of the most important factors that you should consider before buying a voltage stabilizer. We suggest the denoting of Input or output Circuit Breaker as it offers current protection along with getting trip Output or input changes above or below a predefined level. We supply few models as standard accompanied by input circuit breakers while on other models this facility is optional. Bypass Facility is another important factor in which bypass switch provides the maintenance and inspection by connecting the load to the main supply directly and isolating the stabilizer. We also provide suitable inbuilt switch or wall mountable switch as per requirements of clients.
It is one of the most important features of stabilizer that it switches off the stabilizer output at times of short circuit or burn out owing to overload. Our voltage stabilizers carry 3 to 5 year warranty which means your appliance gets protection for long. Note: it is recommended that you must choose a stabilizer designed especially for your home appliance.
In this feature time lapse occurs so that the compressor (which is inbuilt in case of refrigerator and air conditioner) gets enough time to balance the current flow at times of power cut.
Indicators are meant to show the voltage that has been regulated for the purpose of supplying power to the connected appliance. New voltage stabilizers are outfitted with LED indicators
Digitalized version of stabilizer makes it more reliable and precise. Best part about newer models of stabilizers is that they are not only digitized but they have ability to adapt themselves to different devices. What you need to do is to shift and attach the stabilizer from one device to another in order to let it working. Most of the stabilizers come with the feature of getting attached and adapted to generator.
It is quite true that your stabilizer is always at risk when placed on ground. There are high chances of it getting wet or damaged. That’s why wall mounted stabilizers or stabilizers placed at a higher level remain safe from potential damage.  Wall mounted stabilizers are safe because they protect your small children from risk of getting exposed to electric shock.
Yes, there are different stabilizers for different appliances. Voltage stabilizers are designed rationally as per the appliance they are going to be connected with. You can classify them on the basis of features and energy limit of a particular appliance. Different home appliances carry different energy limits. Each stabilizer is engineered according to appliance’s energy limits. Here are the different kinds of stabilizers: Digital stabilizers for LCD TV/LED TV/Music system Stabilizer for Air Conditioner Stabilizer for Refrigerator Stabilizer for Microwave, oven and treadmill Stabilizer for washing Machine Mainline stabilizer

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