Voltage Problems

There are number of issues that may mushroom with the incoming power supply. Power supply problems can cause voltage fluctuations and current instability that could pose negative Impact on appliance and power usage. Voltage is said to be stable, when power system is able to maintain constant voltage levels even after facing disturbance.

It is vital to note that problems in voltage occurring due to the quality of electrical supply may include several parameters of the electricity network; ranging from the kind and state of the power lines, to the shortage of transformer capacity.

In case you face any sort of issues relating to the quality of power supply, it is suggested to document as much information as possible, to enable our staff examine the issue.


Typical kinds of voltage problems

  • Voltage Correction like boost or buck for better performance of appliance and its increased efficiency
  • Protection against harmful High voltages which causes burn out to vital part of appliances like circuitry, compressor etc.
  • Protection against low voltages caused due to grid distribution inefficiencies thus causing failure / damages to appliance.
  • Protection against surge and spikes caused by lightning, switching of sudden loads, motors & others distributionnetwork related problems. These surges are millisecond in duration but can cause irreparable damage to your appliances and in extreme cases total loss.
  • Time delay during frequent brown outs i.e power failures. This function allows sufficient time for compressor
  • Pressure naturalization before voltage is restored and thus increases its life and prevents failures.

Kindly take a note that at times it gets difficult to recognize the main cause of the problem rapidly, and in few cases problems can occur due to more than one issue on the network. While on other times problems are seen on the customer’s service line or main line.

All problems registered to us are treated as a fault initially and should be referred to Capri’s complaint handling department, phone 011-47586055. At Capri, we immediately report the issue to the team of specialized professionals, expert at handling faults who will then examine the issue. In most of the cases, the faults contractor can find and fix the issue.

In case the issue cannot be fixed immediately, Complaint handling department will forward the case to Capri Engineer who will then connect with you to solve the issue.

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